X? #AtoZchallenge

I woke up this morning after an unusually heavy sleep. I had not had anything to drink last night nor had I taken any medication. But I was very tired and went to bed at 9PM. Urbino was at my side.

I woke up this morning at 9AM and Urbino was licking my face. Don’t know how long I would have slept if he hadn’t woken me. I let him outside and took him outside to the gated area of the yard. When I returned to the house I found a large red X spray-painted on  my front door. Red paint which had dried but left drips like blood. My car too–vandalized with the same mark.

And the trees, not all of them. But those I had planted –not the ones that had been here for years but mine. X’d…all of them.

I’ve called the police…I’m waiting now…with Urbino by my side.


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