V is for vendetta?#AtoZchallenge

Donna here. She bought a dog. Pretty much because I said to.  She got it from Carly, who, like everyone I know, I went to high school with. Carly’s poodle, ‘Gaga’ had a litter which he was having a hard time getting rid of because people can be so damn snooty about a dog’s pedigree.

Fortunately, the Queen Bee isn’t. She just wants something to love who will love her back.

She kept talking about this storm the other night and how violent it was and how scared whe was.

There was no storm.

Either she’s crazy or things are getting weird up at the Vedder place again. Who can I talk to about this? It’s like we’ve all agreed to pretend it never happened. Could the victims be coming back for revenge? Most of them who disappeared were people you really wouldn’t want to meet anyway. Could they be back? Is she in danger?


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