U is for Urbino #AtoZchallenge

Urbino is his name. Being a goofy dog is his game.

Yes, I have a dog. He’s black, shaggy, young, and well, “goofy” is the only word for him.

Ever since that night of the nasty thunder, lightening, rain and wind, I’d been thinking of getting a dog. I mentioned it to Donna (who hadn’t heard any of the storm down in the town and had no idea what I was talking about) and she said she had a friend who was looking to get rid of some puppies. An hour later and I’m the proud owner of this yapping ball of fur. Mind you, I’ve never had a dog before. Never wanted a dog before. I have no idea how to properly take care of a dog but I must say…I’m smitten.

He’s such a happy thing! He makes me happy to be around him. I have no idea what kind of dog he is. Donna’s friend, Carly, said he had no idea either. The mother is a poodle, but he said “She’s a bit fast” and he doesn’t know which dog in the neighbourhood , in his words “knocked her up”.

The name comes from one of my favorite paintings, a portrait of the Duke of Urbino by Piero dells Francesco. What can I say? The dog kind of looks like the Duke!

We will brave the thunderstorms together, Urbino and me.  We will be best friends.


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