T is for Thunder, and …Terror? #AtoZchallenge


Ok, today’s entry is going to be short. I’ve a terrible headache. We had an amazing storm last night. Thunder, lightening, heavy, heavy rain and howling wind like you wouldn’t believe.

I will be honest with you, dear readers, I was terrified. Alone in this house, with the wind making ungodly noises and being sure the roof was going to be torn off any moment. And the thunder! You wouldn’t believe how loud the thunder gets as it bounces off the mountains and down through the valleys. It was really like the mysterious figures in Rip Van Winkle playing ninepins in the mountains.

This morning, I’m exhausted and I have a headache. But I’m pleased to report there’s not much damage to the orchard. A few branches have come down from the older trees but no trees themselves destroyed. That is a relief. I was out at first light checking the trees, the rabbit fences, and of course my roof. All damage is minor.

But the fear is not going to go away soon. Am I really cut out for this life? Am I really going to be able to make it on my own? What did I not like about NYC again?

Maybe I’ll get a dog.


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