S is for Snooping #AtoZchallenge


There are some things which are not even on the internet. Yes, I know, weird huh? My town’s library houses a lot of old records on behalf of the town hall and the mostly moribund historical society. One of my favorite things is to sit there of an afternoon and gently turn the delicate pages of nineteenth century registers of births, deaths, marriages.

The town library is everything you want from a small town library. It’s made out of brick, it is a small building but imposing. It has that late nineteenth century sort of faux-castle look about it. Step inside and you’re stepping on to wooden floors that have been there from the beginning. The windows let in not quite enough late winter light and the humming fluorescent tubes provide the rest.

There is even a library cat. It does not have a name. It’s just the library cat. I really felt accepted into the community the first time it came over to me and sat on my lap while I went through the old deeds for my property.

A couple of things have happened which make me want to know more about the land I live on. I can see vestiges of other buildings on the property deep in the forest. It looks like there were at least two small cottages there at one time. But when? All that’s left is a few crumbling walls and some shards of crockery. Who lived there? Why did people stop living there?

I also get the feeling that something must have happened on my land a while ago. People always get a funny look in their eye when I say I live there. Not enough to challenge anyone on (What’s that funny look in your eye?) but it is definitely there. People always change the subject too right after having that look. Maybe I’m making things up, but I thought a little research couldn’t hurt.


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