R is for Really Falling Behind #AtoZchallenge

Please note this blog is a work of fiction.

Yes, the past few days have been tough. What can I say? Doctor saw something on a scan and wants an MRI and I’m trying not to fall to pieces. It’s not working. I am falling to pieces. Why is it that when we scared we tend to stop doing the things which sustain us? This writing has been great for me—energizing, exciting, and as soon as something goes wrong, I stop doing it! And where’s my exercise regime and my healthy eating plans? Somewhere under the coffee and donuts.

Anyway, R is supposed to be about rabbits. Bees may be the orchard’s batters but rabbits are its worst enemy. Rabbits like to eat the bark of young trees. Nibble on enough of any particular tree and it kills it. So there are rabbit-proof wire fences around the trees that must be checked daily for damage. Rabbits will find weaknesses even in the strongest of fences. Tom Crane, the tree man, suggests I leave cuttings from the pruning of the trees scattered around the orchard. That gives the rabbits something to gnaw on and may distract them from my new trees.

The new trees look so frail. Hard to believe that in a few years we can encourage them to fruit and a few years after that we’ll be sitting in their shade. They come with impressive pedigrees—local varieties with strong histories of doing well. We predict that we’ll get a lot of fruit from the trees and they will be resistant to disease. We do everything we can to make that happen…for the trees and for ourselves.


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