The Queen Bee #AtoZchallenge

Hello again. It’s Donna the beekeeper here. Jane asked me to do Q and talk about Queen Bees because she’s really busy and doesn’t want to fall too far behind on this challenge.

Ok, whatever.

She’s fallen behind because she had some tax work to do for somebody the other day. She’s an accountant. And then she had to go to New York …or as she calls it “The City”—‘Buffalo?’ I said—but I was being obnoxious. It’s not her fault that people from NYC always call it ‘The City” like there aren’t any others but it always annoys me.

She had to go get her hair cut.

Ok, whatever.

There’s been a lot of activity at the orchard the past week or two. I have erected three hives –empty so far—I don’t have any bees yet. Those come later. I put up a wall of willow and hedge clippings around the hives. Not all around but around three sides. The fourth side backs on to the forest where people are least likely to be coming up on the beehives. The wall and maybe I should be saying ‘wall’ because it is precarious-is tall and the point is that when the bees fly out of their hives and go pollinating they will have to fly out over people’s heads instead of coming out of the hive and flying straight at people’s heads. Not sure if I’m explaining this well but trust me it works.

Tom Crane, local tree surgeon, came to the orchard and was touring the place with Jane. I’ve known Tom since kindergarten. This is what small town are like. Everyone knows everyone else. Tom is good-lucking, always has been, and always knows it, and divorced with two teen-age kids. His kids are a bit younger than mine so I don’t know them but I hear the boy is pretty wild. His ex and I used to be friends years ago but we sort of drifted apart when I stopped drinking a while back. Hey, it happens. Life changes.

Anyway, Tom was being himself which is cute and charming and Miss New York City Accountant was giggling and blushing like she’d never seen a man before. Ok, that’s harsh and I’m going to edit this before she sees it. But I was amazed. He was telling her tree stories and she was looking at him like he was fascinating.

Also, Beverly Bock of the plumbing family came out to have a look at the house’s facilities which are, in my opinion, pretty crap. Looks like the house might be getting some new pipes.

Hank Winslow, also an old high-school friend came out to see to the mouse problem. Told me that if she wanted to attract and collect mice she really couldn’t have a better set-up.

So everyone, is running around, trying to get this place into shape but she’s still not clear on what she’s actually going to do to make some money. These hills are filled with orchards and there are only so many fresh apples anyone can eat!





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