P is for Problems #AtoZchallenge


Ok, I’ve missed a few days but I plan on getting back on track today. On the official “P” day (you know what I mean) I had a deadline that I really had to meet.

I’m still doing some accountancy…freelance to make some money. Orchards aren’t really money-spinners. So I was up to my neck in auditing and reporting and something had to give and it was this blog.

And then I missed “Q” because I had to get my hair cut which means a trip back to New York City; which means many hours and meeting up with friends and having lunch. Yes, I know there are places in the country to get hair cut but I haven’t assimilated to that extent yet. Bear with me! Things take time. It was good to be back in Manhattan and even better to leave it at the end of the day! I saw friends, had an amazing sushi lunch (you can’t really find sushi around here) and just felt the energy again. But I got to say when I pulled into my front yard (I don’t really have a proper driveway) and saw my little house looking stolid and unperturbed and saw the forest looming protectively in the background I felt like I had really come home.

But anyway: P for problems.

Gosh, where to start?

The house, which I do love, is drafty and has mice. The bathroom, and there is only one, hasn’t been updated since the mid-seventies. Yes, it has avocado fixtures! And I’m really torn here. It’s uncomfortable, ugly, and in need of repair. The basin is cracked, the tub is worn, the toilet’s in decent shape. I should and will probably just rip out the fixtures and get brand new fixtures but of course, you can’t get anything but white anymore. I suppose you can get colors but the cost would be prohibitive. The camp value of the avocado green bathroom is fantastic! I was telling Lucy and Mina about it yesterday and showing them photos. They were begging me not to change the bathroom at all. I suppose I could install an entirely new bathroom on the second floor and leave this one for show. Must give it some thought.

Then there is the orchard itself. I had a tree guy come out and go through all the orchard with me. Good news—there’s no weird tree diseases out there. Bad news—a lot of the trees are beyond their most productive years. The most beautiful, craggy, have-I-got-stories-to-tell-you trees are simply not going to be bringing forth much in the way of viable fruit in the coming years. So they are going to have to come out and new trees (which won’t be strong enough to fruit for about five years) will have to go in.

Obviously, this doesn’t affect the entire orchard. About two-thirds of the trees are in their prime. But it does mean we (I mean “I” in conjunction with various experts—like Tom the tree guy) have to decide on a phased planting plan i.e. deciding which trees to remove, which to put in, in a way which doesn’t disrupt total yield too much. It’s spreadsheet time!




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