O is for Orchards #AtoZchallenge


Spending the day in bed today because I hardly got any sleep last night. More insomnia and when I did finally fall asleep just horrible, creepy dreams. Will make an appointment with a doctor today.

Back to basics today.

O is for orchard.

R is for the robins nesting in the trees. R is also for the rabbits that try to eat the trees. You cannot believe the damage rabbits can do to young trees. It’s astonishing.

C is for cider! Cider is the easiest fermented drink possible. You just get apple juice and let it do what it is going to do. There’s a bit more to it than that but really not a lot more. Find out more here.

H is for honeybees and hives and the humming that you hear in an orchard in the spring. Trees need bees and bees need trees that blossom.

A is for apples, the hundreds of varieties, the infinite variability, the very model of sustainability in a changing world.

R is for reptiles! Bet you weren’t expecting that. But if you have a healthy orchard you will probably have snakes too. And that’s a good thing. Snakes are great.

D is for damson plums—another great orchard fruit. Like glowing purple stars on trees. I shall say more about damsons when we get to the letter P this month. Oh, that’s tomorrow. Better start doing my research.


Ok, that was an orchard acrostic for you. And now, I’m heading back to bed where hopefully my sleep will be peaceful and undisturbed.


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