Healing #AtoZchallenge

Please note that this blog is a work of fiction.


Break a bone,

They’ll set it.


Gash an arm,

They’ll sew it.


Break a heart?

Forget it. You’re forever changed.


Crumple your fender

They’ll undent it.


Crack a pane

They replace it.


Get left behind?

Forget it. You’re on your own.

Hmmm, this is my first poem.  It’s not done yet. I want to end on a more upbeat note but am having a difficult time finding that note. I think it must be possible for hearts to mend but there will always be a scar. And I’m not sure you’re always “on your own” but I think we do have to take responsibility for our healing even if we’ve been wronged….I’ll keep working on this–the poem and my pain.




2 thoughts on “Healing #AtoZchallenge”

  1. Scars are vague memories, and remind us of that saying: “The only way out, is through.” Each moment is a step through, even if it feels like a step backward. It still is a step through.

    I like your poem, and am glad to know that it is not finished.


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