Donna and the Drones #atozchallenge

Please note that this blog is a work of fiction.

Hi, Donna here. I’m the beekeeper. Jane asked me to write this entry. She thinks the blog needs different voices. Well, I don’t know about that but I’ll give it a try.

I met Jane at the Beekeepers Meeting last week. This was after Herb Harlow gave a talk on solitary bees which was okay. Herb knows his bees so who am I to complain but there just isn’t that much to say about solitary bees. There are no hives, there is no tending. He just wants us to know they exist and to not clear up gardens too much. Keep some wood cuttings in the back where they can be undisturbed. Okay, Herb thanks.

So then Jane gets up during the Any Other Business section of the meeting and offers a place for hives. First thing you notice about her is that she has an English accent and everybody likes an English accent. You don’t get too many of them around here. Second thing you notice is that she is really excited about her orchard. Which is nice. So I talked to her afterwards, she’d attracted a crowd. Phil starting in on his Free the Bees stuff and Derek who’s always trying to make a buck from beekeeping telling her she should be paying him to put hives in her orchard. Derek, you know no one works that way.

Went to the orchard a couple of days ago. I almost couldn’t go. My grandson has a cold and my son (his dad) had to work so I didn’t think I could get away but got Jo the baby’s other grandmother to watch him. Maybe I should explain this. I live in town over Ollie’s Pizza. Nice apartment. I’ve been there for years. I moved in after my marriage finally broke down and it was a great place for one person. But then my son, Ronnie, broke up with his girlfriend and moved into my place. We have the baby-Mickey-most of the time. Mickey’s mom, Lara, has some addiction problems. Don’t get me started. Anyway, Lara’s mother, Jo, is really nice and between the three of us (me, Ronnie, and Jo) we take pretty good care of Mickey who is almost four. Going have to stop calling him a baby.

I got into beekeeping right after the divorce. I’ve always felt comfortable around bees. They don’t scare me. Their buzzing is soothing like a head massage from the inside almost. It makes my forehead tingle. I have a hive at my parents house way in the back. They let me keep it there but I know they don’t like it. Dad’s always been one for getting out the Raid at every opportunity. It will be nice to move the bees to Jane’s orchard. Ronnie thinks I like beekeeping because he says I identify with the Queen Bee who gets fed and taken care of by an army of drones. He says that I would like that too. Well, who wouldn’t? My own army of men providing for me and treating me royally? Sounds good to me.

Bees and Hive


4 thoughts on “Donna and the Drones #atozchallenge”

  1. I got into bees right out of college. There was a Master Beekeeping class offered at the Des Moines Botanical Garden and I jumped in head first. I loved keeping bees on our farm in Iowa.

  2. Another gem of a read. Love the change in perspective and the ‘other’ voice at the same meeting. My favourite bit is “Their buzzing is soothing like a head massage from the inside almost. ” and I say Aye to “My own army of men providing for me and treating me royally? Sounds good to me.” why not?

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